First Blog

What on earth is a ‘blogger’? When hearing that word, my inner child screams at me while snickering and cover my mouth with a hand, ‘they just said booger’. I’ve asked around and most have said ‘just go online and read some blogs – that is a blogger. you can do it, no problem’. I understand that I do not know everything like I did when I was 16 but I DO know this, I have about zero interest in reading blogs. So, with that being said, and hearing my web designer tell me about 3 bullet points of information about blogging, here I go.

Blogging is an online, diary-esque, rambling of a person for the entire world to view. OK. Isn’t that like Facebook, Twitter and the likes but with more space? I don’t know, but apparently this is a necessary thing in this life, and more specifically, my job. Which brings me to something that I LOVE to talk about, my job. I can’t believe that I was sitting on the BOD of this fine organization, watching one person after the next person go, all the while missing out on the opportunity to do the most awesomest thing I have ever done! As it has turned out this job is an octagon shaped hole but I am an octagon shaped peg. I have learned so much in this position and it seems that most of it, I have really enjoyed learning. Until this blog thing. So, this is it, the first blog, maybe I will get used to this, maybe this will be my last blog as well. Tune in to find out 🙂