Visually Impaired Meeteetse Man Earns High School Diploma

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has recognized Levi Gitlitz of Meeteetse, Wyoming as a graduate of the Hadley High School Diploma program.

Born prematurely at one and a half pounds, Gitlitz developed Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) at a very young age. Growing up, Gitlitz faced many hardships being the only blind student in his school. While attending kindergarten he was bullied, to the extent of being locked in a closet.

Gitlitz’s parents continually fought for their son’s educatition, even living apart for a time so he could attend school away from his hometown. When Gitlitz returned home, the schools refused to provide any assistive technology, according to his parents, who added that although he was a straight “A” student, the school would only offer a certificate of completion.

Because there were no facilities for the visually impaired in his hometown, Gitlitz found it quite stressful to continue in school. He heard of Hadley through his mother, who had taken classes for professional development. While attending Hadley, Gitlitz enjoyed history, English, and math with enouragment and support from all of his teachers. He also enjoyed learning a new language.

When asked about his plans post-graduating, Gitlitz says, “First, I want to try out for a State FFA Officer. Then, I would like to study broadcasting as a career.”

“I am very proud of my accomplishments”, says Gitlitz, “I have achieved what many people at my local school said I would not be abe to.”