Meeteetse Wildlife & Sightseeing

Home to deer, elk, grizzly bears, and the black-footed ferret.

Sightseeing and photo opportunities are plentiful south of Meeteetse on Hwy 290, the Pitchfork Road. Look for wildlife like mule deer, elk and antelope or enjoy the Wyoming sky and majestic mountain ranges. Drive up the Wood River or journey to Sunshine Reservoir for majestic wilderness scenery. Consult a map for directions.

Meeteetse area hunting is famous for big game hunting throughout Wyoming and beyond. Knowledgeable hunters know about our trophy mule deer population and elk hunters are seldom disappointed as many quality bulls can be found in the area.

Other species include whitetail deer, mountain lion, and antelope. Local outfitters are happy to introduce newcomers to the area and to hunting the west. Remember; comply with all rules and regulations and practice fair chase hunting along with proper gun safety.

For more information on hunting in Wyoming, please visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s website.

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